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Conceive, Model, Analyze, Succeed

Discover the concepts and vision behind ThinkIQ

Streaming, Importing & Accessing your data

Gateways send data to ThinkIQ from on-premise using connectors that talk to sources

Model your plant, your equipment and your processes

Get the Big Picture

Bring the power of contextualization to Equipment by using Attributes well

Speed development of your Model by using Equipment Types, and deriving Equipment from them.

Define how equipment relates to other equipment and build a Process Layout.

Employ and add to the list of standard measurement units and Quantity Kinds

Deploy a standard set of Equipment Types for your industry

Perform mathematical and logical operations on value streams

Data stored as Time Series

Build a Material Model and observe materials as they move through your processes

Use Trends, Process Layouts, Equipment Diagrams and more to analyze your data and understand your processes

See your processes and explore what's happening now

Take a deeper look at how a piece of Equipment is functioning

Analyze process by seeing the value of Attributes changing over time

Create dashbords, KPIs, articles and more

Write scripts, import and export data and more

A developer-centric set of tools for accessing time series data in the platform

The platform includes the reusable components that can be used to build custom pages.

Build and test SQL queries with a powerful view into your data

Quick answers for How To questions.

Manage Users, Content, Process Layouts, configure access to the Model Editor, and more

Deploy a new Smart Manufacturing platform.

Configure the tools you use every day

The Content Management System provides capabilities such as menu creation, access control, and the ability to extend the CMS in various ways. 


Manage Users, set Access Control rules, learn about system security

Prefer watching Videos?  Start here.

4 to 6 minute videos introducing basic concepts

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